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Training for a marathon alongside teacher training

Posted on 24.04.23

Training to become a teacher through the East of England SCITT programme has been an incredible journey, filled with challenges, rewards, and many valuable lessons. As someone living with multiple sclerosis, a mum to young children, and an ultra-runner training for the London […]

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Best decision I ever made

Posted on 27.03.23

If you think teaching will be easy and fun, then you are half right. Training to be a teacher is hard and you need to be prepared to spend your evenings attached to your laptop, BUT it is the most rewarding, fulfilling and […]

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Training to teach with EOE Teacher Training

Posted on 18.10.22

Growing up, I had a few career aspirations that came and went, but teaching was the one that stuck. I’ve looked up to great teachers and know first-hand the impact that they can have. I moved from Norfolk to Lincolnshire to study Law […]

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Current trainee – my journey with EoE

Posted on 13.05.22

I started off doing a degree in physical education but towards the end I decided I would like to work in primary education which is what started my journey with EoETT. I searched everywhere and found East of England Teacher Training who appeared […]

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Current trainee – training with EoE

Posted on 12.05.22

I had always looked up to teachers as role models when growing up. I admired how much of an impact they can make, shaping young minds. I just never knew how I could be the teacher that makes that impact, knows their students […]

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Current Trainee – Mature student

Posted on 30.11.21

From the earliest, pre-application stages, EoETT have reached out to provide support and guidance whenever it has been required. They have been welcoming at every juncture and provided feedback that has developed my confidence. When applying for the course, I imagined my profile […]

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My journey to teacher training

Posted on 19.11.21

So, this is my third attempt at becoming a primary school teacher and as they say 3rd time lucky, right? Previously life just took over: 3 years of backpacking round the world, becoming a mum to 3 very spirited children and taking on […]