Behaviour Management

After having our guest speaker, Nicola S Morgan speak about how to approach behaviour management, I feel more confident and ready to put these techniques into practice for myself.

Previously, I have found behaviour management difficult particularly in my class, as we have a few “characters” that can be hard to reason with and follow instructions. For example, this week I found myself with a child who would not follow my instructions even though I had given them a choice of what they could do, however my mistake was to give them a choice and continue to stand around waiting for this decision to be made. I should have walked away and given the child some time to think and make their own choice. If the problem continued then I could implement the warning of the ‘time out’ or ‘the cloud’ (whichever is most appropriate for the situation). I think it would work more effectively if I follow the graduated responses and also to give them a choice and ignore the pupil until they make the right decision.

I will try to incorporate the guideline of only giving attention to good behaviour and ignoring bad behaviour, as this may be an effective way to improve more low level disruptions and this will allow lessons to run more smoothly.