Behaviour Management S5 & S7

I was asked to take a small group of students out to take a photo of the workman.

The pupils were told that they had to stand on the red line a distance away from the building work, anyone who did not do this was to loose minutes of their play time.

This went well we all went outside stood on the red line all pupils enjoyed the experience of watching the workmen and taking the photos. I reminded them of the cover supervisor’s instructions and expected behavior for going inside. This did not go so well and one pupil student A, decided to run up to and touch the van. I told student A that he had lost a minute of his playtime for touching the van. The teacher returned to the classroom and the cover supervisor left. At playtime the teacher looked on the minutes off playtime resource and read the name out of the child staying in. As the cover supervisor had not put student A’s name on the resource I told the teacher student A had lost a minute as well. Student A could not accept this and started throwing tables and chairs. The teacher and TA’s used team teach to get student A into the quiet room where he stayed until he had calmed down and was ready to return for class.

At the time this made me feel guilty as if I had created student A’s behavior and that I had caused student A and the staff who had to manage his behavior a lot of stress. However during the PE lesson in the afternoon student A said to me “I am sorry for touching the van.”

From this experience I can see the importance of consistent routines when I discussed this after with the teacher she thought that if students A’s name was on the resource for loosing time off playtime and she had implemented the instruction using a timer which had been successful in the past he may not have had the same reaction. Which is in agreement with Chaplain(2003) “rules offer a pupil a sense of personal and psychological safety. They demonstrate and affirm that the classroom will be secure, thus contributing to the conditions of future learning.”

If I was to be in this situation again I would communicate with the teacher before playtime to see what would be the correct way for student A to learn his consequence for his action. And to make sure all classroom behavior management is carried out consistently in regards to names on resources and visual timers used.

To continue to build relationships with the students in the class and follow the behavior management policy and also the classroom rules.  And become more aware of the pupils individual needs with regard to behavior management.

Arrange an observation on another teacher looking at behavior management strategies.

To demonstrate the importance of communication within the classroom especially when the daily routine is disrupted.