Behaviour Management TS 1 & 7

My target for the week has been to focus on improving planning and resourcing of teaching sessions and linking this to improving behaviour management. With this in mind the planning of this session was focused heavily around planning activities with clear time frames and clear transitions between activities to ensure that the group didn’t lose focus. This was extremely effective as the group were engaged from the start with a high-tempo warm up activity and I was able to test out strategies for re-gaining the attention of the class (in this case I went for the 5,4,3,2,1 all eyes on me countdown, which proved effective).

The part of the session that had the biggest impact upon pupil progress was when the class critiqued the demonstrations of two groups, focusing upon good technique and what needed to be improved, before going off in their house teams to discuss how they can implement this into their strategy for the final activity. The rest of the session was mostly opportunities to practice their technique in skill based and game based contexts and this also proved effective and overall the group moved their learning on.

The benefit of teaching P.E in terms of its implication upon the training programme is that I have had an early experience of a different area of the curriculum, and with me teaching the follow-on session I will be able to reflect on progress between the two sessions and how my planning allowed for this.

My focus for improvement is to work on my clarity of explanation and general delivery skills to ensure greater understanding of the activities and doing this through better modelling of skills/expectations. I also needed to continue to work on implementing behaviour management strategies observed throughout school, especially focusing on better use of praise and in-school reward systems (house points).