Behaviour Management – TS7

Science lesson taught on levers and pulleys

The children reacted extremely well to the science lesson; they were all engaged and all seemed to enjoy the lesson. Behaviour during the session was very good and no sanctions had to be given, although warnings were given out. The lesson was noisy by nature as the children had to work in groups and discuss the lesson, however the noise was encouraging and let me know that children were discussing the topic and none seemed to be talking about anything other than the lesson.

I feel as though the range of teaching styles that were used had an impact on the children and how they behaved as it ensured that every child was engaged or at least that the learning objective was accessible to every child.

Children made good progress throughout the session and this was evident in their work as they all completed all the tasks. Every child discussed with a partner what kind of Tudor weapon they could design (linked to levers and pulleys), designed the weapon, carried out an experiment where they made their own version of a trebuchet and also started to write up the experiment.

Every child evidenced that they understood or were beginning to understand the concept. I feel as though this engagement from the children ensured that their behaviour was very positive and no sanctions were needed.

This experience was a very positive one for myself as it was the first science lesson I had taught and having been worried about it beforehand, was extremely pleased to see how well the children reacted to the lesson and also to see how much progress the children made.

To further improve, I will try to ensure that every lesson I teach be adapted to suit every learner’s learning style to ensure that they are able to make good progress in every lesson.