Best decision I ever made

"In a nutshell the layout of the training helps you to implement and constantly practise what you’ve been taught."

If you think teaching will be easy and fun, then you are half right.

Training to be a teacher is hard and you need to be prepared to spend your evenings attached to your laptop, BUT it is the most rewarding, fulfilling and fun job ever. When I first started my training, I was petrified to stand up in front of the class, as it was all new to me. I’ve spent my life working in the fitness industry, so I was used to being at the front of the class but the thought of standing in front of children actually teaching them important life skills felt scary. Now, nearly 6 months in, I feel confident standing in front of the class and teaching, and that is down to the SCITT approach and the weekly training provided by EoE.

EoEs weekly training is ran by experienced leads who are always happy to help and answer any questions. The weekly reflections help you to understand the training and you also get the experience of planning and teaching what you’ve learnt and the online portal is filled with resources to help and guide you through your training. In a nutshell the layout of the training helps you to implement and constantly practise what you’ve been taught. Being in a school 4 days a week really has helped me to understand all the roles a teacher has and how a school runs on a daily basis.

Within the training you have a main placement and a second placement and this really does help to understand the ways different schools run, it has given me the opportunity to work with both KS1 and KS2, which has made me realise I would be happy working with either stages when looking for a job.

I have made some great friends within my training year, and we always support each other through the highs and lows of the rollercoaster teaching life. Taking the step to become a teacher has been the best decision I have ever made, and I absolutely love it.

Thanks to EoE I have felt prepared applying for jobs and for the interview process of a teaching role, they also offered me a practice interview (which really helped). Fingers crossed I get a job so I can continue in the career I LOVE.