Career Changer: Why I chose the SCITT Route

For a long time, I thought about becoming a teacher. I found that each day in my job became more boring and tedious. It didn’t fill me with satisfaction. I decided that I wanted to make a difference in other people lives, enjoy my job and have a sense of achievement.

I began to search for ways into teaching; I was alarmed by the sheer number of routes that there are. Once I found the EoETT SCITT, I knew this seemed like a good option due to the fact you’re in school on a regular basis.

For me, the benefits of EoETT have been that I have been training in a local school which I can get to easily. This was a big concern for me as I was aware that some providers could send you to places that would take a lot of time out of my day to travel to, which would not have been ideal considering I have a daughter who I need to get home to and look after in the evenings.

Training in a local school has really helped my family to plan our time together. Sometimes the days are long and I may not leave until 5. With that being said, as I am based in the school for the majority of the time, I feel that I am part of the team and supported extremely well by the school and my mentor.

My training within the school has helped me to build up a healthy working relationship with my mentor and the children in the class. This has helped me to achieve the sense of satisfaction I was seeking.

Although some days can be tough, the SCITT route is giving me a true reflection of what a day to day in the life of a teacher is and allows me to see the ‘lightbulb moments’ when a child understands something or is feeling happy because you have helped them to achieve something.

Aside from being in the school most of the time, we have training on a regular basis. The training really helps with the understanding of children and subject knowledge. It also provides us with practical ideas that we can take away and use in our schools.

Charlotte and Charissa offer great support to us and are really approachable, which makes it easier if you have any worries or just want some advice.

I am glad that I chose the SCITT as it is very practical and I am really enjoying this opportunity to train and learn with my mentor who looks after me, alongside other top quality trainers.

– David, current trainee (2019-20)