Current trainee – “Achieving my dream”

From being a little girl, I always loved school. I loved always learning something new every day and being able to help and support others with their learning.

I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, this became evident when I would come home from school and force my younger siblings to play ‘schools’ with me and answer their name to the register. From then on becoming a teacher was something I aimed to do.

After I had finished sixth form, I attended University and studied Health and Social Care. I felt this was a worthwhile degree to have and would work well alongside a teaching qualification, due to the additional roles you play as a teacher (social worker, councillor, nurse, as these are only a few!). After graduating, a teaching qualification was something I strived to achieve.

In order to do this, after researching different ways into teaching,  I attended an East of England Teacher Training (EoETT) information evening in a Lincolnshire school. I went along to see what they had to offer and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. So much so, I was eager to submit my application to train with them as soon as possible.

The evening was extremely useful and I was given lots of information on the content of the course, what was expected of the trainees and financial information. I was given the opportunity to ask any questions I had and was also able to speak to teachers who work alongside EoETT, who gave nothing but positive feedback.

Something I was particularly concerned about was the location of the school I would train at as I was moving home to Doncaster after University. I was unsure whether this course would be particularly suited to my needs. However, I expressed this uncertainty to Charlotte and Charissa and they assured me I would train at a school close to me, in Doncaster! This was all I needed to hear! I left this event feeling excited for the future!

Charlotte and Charissa were extremely useful when it came to submitting my application. I was able to send a draft personal statement, to obtain constructive criticism, and this enhanced my application and filled me with more confidence that I was on route to my dream career. Shortly after submitting my application and attending an interview I received an offer, gaining a place on the course. I was over the moon!

I am now a current trainee on the SCITT course with East of England Teacher Training, well on my journey to my dream career. I am thoroughly enjoying this experience. The school I have been training in (in Doncaster!) have been amazing and provided me with nothing but support.

It is an intense course with a heavy workload at times, I am now teaching 2 full days a week, while attending training sessions once a week. The training sessions in Lincoln have been extremely varied, focusing on something different each week. Specialist teachers have been invited to train us on particular topics, I have found this extremely useful. I have left many training sessions with such a buzz, alongside pages of notes ready to share with my mentor and implement within my own teaching practice.

My teaching will increase to 2.5 days a week after the Christmas period, I feel ready for this increase due to the encouragement and continuous support I receive from EoETT and my amazing mentor at school. Although there can be a lot of work, it is manageable, and I enjoy every second. Seeing the impact my teaching is having on the children makes it worthwhile every day!

I am so glad I decided to take the school-centred initial teacher training route with EoETT as being in school has allowed me to learn alongside knowledgeable and skilful teachers and gain first hand experience of school life. This is extremely useful in preparation for when I qualify.

I love learning myself alongside the children, they can see that even as adults we are still on our learning journey!

– Nicola, current trainee (2019-20)