Current Trainee – Behaviour Management

“How my behaviour management has developed due to centre based training and further in school training, alongside practical experiences”.

Managing behaviour is such a vital element of being a teacher, and something that I feel all members of staff within a school setting should feel confident in. Therefore, it was extremely valuable to receive centre based training within the first few weeks of joining the course. I have previously worked within a school as a 1:1 assistant and naively believed I knew how to manage day to day behaviour issues.

However, being a teacher at the front of the class is a lot different to how I perceived it to be. You often experience such a vast display of behaviours at once that requires patience, resilience and some theory-based knowledge to resolve and prevent potential issues. Some instances may be challenging, however with the right support and guidance from your mentor, as well as the centre based training, your confidence will develop overtime. This will increase your relationship with the pupils within your class and allow you to develop a classroom environment that is rooted in mutual respect.

It is vital that your main focus within the first few weeks of your placement in school is behaviour management and letting your pupils know your expectations. Since joining the course, my own practical experiences have varied. I have experienced extremely challenging behaviours; however, this has allowed me to implement the techniques discussed at central training, as well as further in school training, and develop relationships with the pupils that require my attention the most.

Modelling the behaviour you expect pupils to demonstrate within your classroom is also essential. Positive praise or rewarding pupils who are displaying the correct behaviour is something that I would advocate as a success for encouraging other pupils. Pupils will see that others are being rewarded instead of highlighting and drawing attention to negative behaviour.

My own confidence in managing behaviour has grown immeasurably throughout the progression of this course, nonetheless there are always new techniques and ideas that I want to trial that have been discussed during a staff meeting or with colleagues at EOE.

Overall, it may take time to establish, however once you have found an approach that suits you and the needs of your pupils, you will see a positive change in your classroom environment and pupils will respect you a lot more!

– Charlotte, current trainee (2019-20)