Current Trainee – “I now feel more confident to deal with all the aspects of being a teacher.”

Since being a child I always knew I wanted to work with children, I left school and got my first job in a nursery. In 2014 I graduated with my degree in Early Childhood Studies. I then went on to have my little boy and, once I started to think about what school he would be going to, I re-evaluated my career. I wanted to use my degree and decided it was a good time for both of us to start school.

I decided this year was my year, so I applied to do my teacher training.  

I spent some time volunteering in a school to ensure teaching was what I wanted to do. I instantly fell in love and started to picture myself as a teacher. It felt like a very natural step from working in a nursery.

I started my teacher training in September 2019, I found the transition from nursery to school quite a smooth one. I certainly think it helped me having all those years of nursery experience. I had good knowledge on some of the fundamental things when working with children, such as; building relationships, behaviour management and planning.

Throughout the training sessions I haven’t felt overwhelmed as it is just cementing what I have already known from working in a nursery. I have been able to take the practices I have already established, and moulded them to fit into school and being a teacher.

The biggest difference for me is the class sizes, in nursery you tend to work in a small team and all work together to support the children, plan and deliver the activities and deal with any behavioural issues. As a class teacher I am responsible for all those things which at times has felt overwhelming. As the year has progressed, and the training has been delivered, alongside working closely with my mentor (who has offered fantastic advice and set realistic targets) I now feel more confident to deal with all the aspects of being a teacher.  

The one thing I have often said to myself this year is “why didn’t you do it sooner?” I am so pleased I finally took the leap and cannot wait to see where this new and exciting career will take me, I urge anyone working in nurseries with their degree to take the jump – you will not regret it! 

– Vikki, current trainee (2019-20)