Current trainee – my journey with EoE

I started off doing a degree in physical education but towards the end I decided I would like to work in primary education which is what started my journey with EoETT.

I searched everywhere and found East of England Teacher Training who appeared to have exceptional reviews, which I can now confirm are accurate with my own experiences. I was unsure as to how I was going to manage the workload of both the school placement and the course, but there was nothing to worry about. My mentor has been brilliant, knowledgeable, and extremely supportive; all feedback is personalised and reflected honestly on what I am doing well, in addition to what I need to do to reach the highest possible standards of work both in the classroom and out. EoETT provided a wide range of materials which have proven to be well constructed and also relevant to the assignments within the year, EoETT also offered a large amount of extra research sites to assist with deepening my knowledge and understanding of the different subjects across the curriculum.

EoETT have been supportive and encouraging during my year with them and have been incredible at arranging high quality placements to ensure I am able to reach my qualified teacher status. They are accessible and all my needs and requirements are met. Throughout the course we are frequently asked if there is any further support or information we require so that this can be arranged for up-and-coming training days. Although there have been times where covid has got in the way, EoETT has never failed to find solutions and support trainees through the year.

I have had a very positive experience training with EoETT and am excited for what is up and coming within my teaching career.