Current trainee – training with EoE

"EOETT are very conscious of the workload and wellbeing of their students; they want to see you succeed."

I had always looked up to teachers as role models when growing up. I admired how much of an impact they can make, shaping young minds. I just never knew how I could be the teacher that makes that impact, knows their students and changes lives. After knowing my career path, it was now knowing how to get there. There are so many different routes to get into teaching and it’s very difficult choosing the right one for you. I heard about EoETT through a friend whom I had trained to be a teaching assistant with. From listening to her positive feedback and experiences from training with EoETT, I knew this was the perfect route for me.

From the beginning I was made to feel welcome and valued. Once I had undertaken my online interview, EOE had everything researched and organised. They had linked a local headteacher into my interview panel which was found to be a great match. Since starting my teacher training, I have fallen in love with my main placement school and I am so pleased I was placed so locally. The support from my training provider, my mentor and the team at EOE means I’ve had a great experience.

The online portal is my bible. There are so many useful resources and research on there to support your planning, to help build understanding in different subject areas and ideas you could magpie and steal. Alongside the portal, there have been incredible and knowledgeable trainers to provide us with a sound understanding of their subject areas. I often found myself magpie-ing ideas and trying them out in the classroom. I’d have never thought of wrapping a book in wrapping paper to make a big reveal within a lesson! It is a fantastic idea and really engaged the children with our text.

Training to be a teacher is very overwhelming but with the carefully sequenced training sessions and gradually increased workload – you are in good hands. EOETT are very conscious of the workload and wellbeing of their students; they want to see you succeed.

As the ending of my teacher training approaches, I feel very content with my decision to train with East of England, I have been well-prepared to start my teaching career.

– Kate