“Developing effective relationships with the children in my class”

The structure of the SCITT course really helps to ensure that I develop effective relationships with the children in my class because out of the 5 days of the week, 4 days are spent in the classroom working with the children and developing those relationships every single day!

I think that there really isn’t a better way to learn than through the job and experience itself! Even when I am not in the classroom, I am attending training sessions which are full of opportunities for me to learn how to become the best teacher I can be.

Right at the very start of the course, I received really thorough and interactive training on behaviour management which provided me with lots of strategies to build positive relationships with the children and understand their emotional needs. These strategies also enabled me to establish my teacher presence within the classroom when I used them within my practice.

Throughout the course so far, I have had lots of training sessions which provide an insight into individual needs within the classroom and how to cater for them, which in turn ensures that you are building effective relationships with your children as you are beginning to understand them as individuals. For example, I have received training on planning and how to ensure every child is stretched and challenged in the best way possible. I have also received autism training, EAL training, mental health and well-being training and I have attended a week in an SEN school. All of these training sessions have been useful in getting to understand that each child is different and how to ensure that I am developing effective and positive relationships with each child in my class.

– Becky, current trainee (2019-20)