Effective Classroom Practice (TS4 – Plan and teach well structured lessons).

During the week beginning 30.10.17 my timetable showed 2 ½ days teaching which I was slightly anxious about. However, my real test came on 2/11/17 when I was in class by myself for an entire day. This was due to my mentor being out of school due to her other commitments.

During the first lesson of the day, English. I delivered my input for around 20 mins (which involved students using talk-partners to discuss the questions I was posing to them (TS4 – promote a love of learning and children’s intellectual curiosity). What became difficult during this lesson was when the students moved away into the task which was to re-write a paragraph from a specific book but with improved vocabulary and punctuation.

Upon reflection of the lesson, I felt that I was not able to completely support, nor observe, 30 students sufficiently to be able to ensure that they were producing work that reflected their ability. I personally felt quite negative about the lack of verbal feedback I was able to give during the lesson and ideally wanted to give more. From reflection of the lesson, I developed an understanding of how important a second adult within the room can really be, as a more knowledgeable other (Vygotsky), and can allow you to give more coverage and support to 30 students rather than 5/10/15 students not receiving sufficient support.

After conversations with my mentor and other colleagues, it became apparent that it is not always expected to support all 30 students, as there are other ways to provide this support. An efficient practitioner is able to utilise all these strategies to deliver effective teaching for learning (TS4 – reflect systematically on the effectiveness of lessons and approaches to teaching).

What needs to remain a constant is that in my planning it is clear to see how I ‘impart knowledge and develop understanding through effective use of lesson time (TS4). I will ensure I do this in one of two ways;

  • More so than before, I will ensure that my planning builds in the specifics about the lesson that factor in to either having an extra member of staff or not.

I will ensure that I develop my marking efficiency to provide students with feedback and next steps post-lesson and utilise this technique.