Assessment Only Route (AOR)

Please note that due to COVID-19 we are currently unable to recruit to this route.

The Assessment Only Route, for the recommendation of QTS, is suitable for applicants who already have substantial teaching experience within establishments and do not require any further training to satisfactorily meet the Teachers’ Standards. Applicants are already delivering high quality lessons as unqualified teachers.

Suitable candidates for this route may be:

  • Those currently teaching as unqualified teachers in schools
  • Those trained to teach overseas, who have significant teaching experience
  • Those teaching in the independent school sector

This is not a training programme and places on the Assessment Only Route are for unqualified, experienced, graduate teachers.

This route takes place approximately over 12 weeks and involves the scrutiny of evidence against the Teachers’ Standards and observations of Teaching.

Training age ranges:

Applicants must provide evidence/understanding across one of the below age ranges:

3-7 (EYFS & KS1)                      5-11 (KS1 & KS2)                      7-11 (KS2)

7-14 (KS2 & KS3)                    11-16 (KS3 & KS4)                      14-19 (KS4 & post 16)

Quick checklist:

If you answer ‘no’ to any of the below then you are not ready to apply for the Assessment Only Route:

Do you have?

  • A Degree?
  • GCSE English, mathematics and science* grade c/ or above (or equivalent – *science is only applicable for primary)?
  • Equivalent of 2 years teaching, as a minimum (roles during this time involved planning, whole class teaching and assessment)?
  • Experience of teaching in at least 2 establishments across the designated age ranges listed above (roles involved planning, whole class teaching and assessment)?
  • Evidence already collated to prove the above which can be presented at interview?

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What experience do I need?

  • You must be able to evidence that you can sufficiently meet the Teachers’ Standards before being accepted onto the route.
  • You must have taught in 2 schools/establishments, this can be from early years or to post 16 settings before entry to the Assessment Only Route.
  • Typically, a candidate with fewer than 2 years of teaching experience in schools/establishments as an unqualified teacher would be unsuitable for the Assessment Only Route.
  • Practical teaching experience for the purposes of Assessment Only Route is not restricted to taking place wholly or mainly in England.

What are the entry requirements?

  • You need to hold a degree (any classification).
  • You need to hold a GCSE grade C/4 or above in English, mathematics and science*, or equivalent (*science is only needed for primary applications)

How long is the programme?

  • This programme lasts a maximum of 12 weeks.
  • If an applicant is deemed to need longer than 12 weeks then an alternative programme would be suitable (any absence through illness will of course be taken into account).

How much does it cost?

  • £2,100 + Travel expenses (for schools outside our usual geographical boundaries). This will be agreed before the programme commences

For a full breakdown of costs please contact

Who pays the fee to EoETT?

The school must pay the fee. If the school decides to recover some of these costs from the candidate then this is up to them and beyond the control of EoETT.

Do I need to be currently employed by a school?

  • Yes – Applicants need to be employed by a school/establishment during the Assessment Only programme. The school needs to agree that they are prepared to sign the partnership agreement and support the candidate during their assessment period.

What training do I receive?

  • There is no training associated with the Assessment Only Route, as applicants must already be meeting the Teachers’ Standards at a satisfactory level and have evidence associated with this.

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