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As a provider we are accredited to award QTS (Qualified Teacher Status), therefore we work with The University of Hull to give you the opportunity to complete an optional PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) qualification whilst you train with us. The PGCE training option runs concurrently with the QTS programme. As the PGCE is Level 7 (Masters Level) trainees are expected to undertake an independent research approach, being proactive and motivated throughout their studies. The University of Hull will provide inputs to support assignments, including a wealth of online resources, support networks and journals; you will be expected to lead your own learning and research, as is the nature of Level 7 study.

Lecturers from the University of Hull will visit you at centre training centre and there is no need to travel to Hull to use their resources, as everything that you need will be online. As a PGCE trainee you will complete three assignments over the course of the year, which are all linked back into your everyday practice within the classroom.

If you choose to undertake the PGCE course your fees will be £9,250, the QTS only route is £8,500.

A PGCE qualification is essential if you wish to teach abroad, as QTS is only recognised in England and Wales;

The PGCE from the University of Hull comes with 60 masters credits, which can go towards a full masters (180 credits);

You will also have access to the extensive library resources at Hull University, including those online;

Access will be given to a range of online journals and articles to support your assignment writing;

Have specific PGCE lectures.

More information can be found here.

It was a hard decision between doing a PGCE or simply doing QTS Only. EOETTC were fantastic at explaining the benefits of both qualifications and what they involved. I knew that for me personally, I would struggle writing academic papers from previous University experience. Knowing there were 3 papers on the PGCE course (one of these being towards the end of the year when I would be teaching more) and only 2 on the QTS course was my first ‘pro’ for QTS.

EOETTC also explained the only differences/benefits of the PGCE would be the ability to teach to teach abroad (outside of England and Wales) and it would provide credits towards a masters. As I knew I didn’t plan on doing any of these things, I had no need to complete a PGCE.

Throughout the course, I felt no different than the PGCE trainees and had no issues securing interviews and being offered a full time teaching job which I love and am thriving at.

  • Ellie Hutton, 2017-18 Trainee

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