Previous Trainee (NQT) – Parents Perspective

I chose EoETT because of their high standards to teaching training, as well as giving me the opportunity to be full time within a school to complete my qualification.  

Being a busy mum of two small children (aged 1 and 4 whilst training) was sometimes difficult, however I soon found a routine that worked for the whole family.  My family understood the commitment  I had to the course before I started and were very supportive.  

During the course I completed two school placements, my host school and another 6 week second school placement just before easter.  Both of the placements were arranged by EoETT, and I found both really useful to be able to see the different areas and age groups within Primary. 

During my training year, it was a very busy time and went very quickly. Monday – Friday I would be planning for the lessons that I would be teaching, marking books and also completing research for essays that were set throughout the year.  

I was given lots of support from both Charlotte and Charissa, and felt that I could approach any of them with any problem or guidance that I needed.  

I loved spending my training actually in a classroom, being surrounded by children who reminded me on a daily basis why I had chosen to become a teacher.  I could not of gained the amount of experience I did without completing a SCITT course. I was able to see every aspect of the role and was seen as another teacher in school.  I felt I was very prepared for the teaching role, and had a good understanding of what was expected of me as an NQT in a new school.  

I am loving every minute as a newly qualified teacher, every day is completely different.  Some days are challenging, somethings you cannot plan for, but that’s what makes the job exciting.  TEACHING IS THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD!  Nothing compares to being told by a child, that when they grow up they want to be a teacher just like you!

– Stef, previous trainee (2018 -19)