S1 & S7: Science Lesson

Today was both myself and the children’s first science lesson. It was the introductory lesson to everyday materials. During the teacher input the majority of the class engaged well helping to identify different everyday materials and finding these materials around the classroom (Standard 1). During this session Child L and Child R presented very challenging behaviour. Starting with Child R, I gave him a warnings, he carried on, therefore second warning I moved him away from the person he was talking to – he then proceeded to carry on. Following this, child R was sent to the door and following the schools behaviour policy his name was written on the board, and would be sent to retreat unless his behaviour improved (Standard 7). Child L was messing around. Again after multiple warnings child L was sent to sit on the floor next to TA, having to sit next to this TA calmed child L and enabled him to regain focus on the lesson. This behaviour frustrated me as the children have been allowed to behave like this, however seeing that my behaviour management strategies that I had tweaked from my previous school had worked in this different environment filled me with a sense of accomplishment. This behaviour was not acceptable to me and could not understand why it was acceptable before. When this situation arose I could have used the school’s behaviour policy immediately to enforce my expectations. This experience allows me to think about where the children may or may not work best or who they may work best with.

When I next teach whole class I will ensure that when the children sit on the carpet they are where I want them to be and not themselves. I will also carry on setting my high expectations through my time at this school to ensure the children know what I expect from them and what they can expect from me.

Focused next steps:


  • maintain my high level of behaviour management.
  • ensure to stop and move children, if needed, before my lesson.