S1&S7: Whole day teaching

This journal focuses on my experience of being by myself all day, building relationships with the children independent of their class teacher and managing behaviour effectively, again independent of the class teacher. (S1) Set high exceptions which inspire, motivate and challenge pupils. (S7) Manage behaviour effectively to ensure a good and safe learning environment.

Within my first full week at my second school placement I was approached and asked to cover three full days the following week, one day in each year 1 class, the Year 1 teachers were administering a mock phonics screening test to the year group.

Naturally I felt overwhelmed as I didn’t know the children in the other two classes and It was only my second full week in a new school.

I agreed to teach one full day in my mentor’s class, the class in which I am based.

I was looking forward to the experience as I hadn’t yet had a lot of teaching experience and exposure in my second school as my mentor is very keen to maintain control / ownership of her class, something which is very different to my main school placement.

Maths and English setting did not take place, we therefore structured the morning to include a carousel of activities; handwriting, fine motor skills development exercises, reading in the library, ipad activity and guided reading with me.

I enjoyed the experience, the children were, on the whole, well behaved. I applied the schools behaviour policy to children whose behaviour was not acceptable. (S7) In accordance with the schools behaviour policy, takes responsibility for and is able to promote and manage behaviour in the classroom well to ensure a good and safe learning environment.

I effectively managed and deployed my Teaching Assistant throughout the morning and we worked well together to deliver effectively. (S8) Deploys staff effectively to support the learning of pupils. Develops professional relationships with support staff, with clear lines of communication.

During the afternoon I delivered a PSHE lesson for the first time, focusing on SEAL, Going for Goals, this was the first time I had delivered PSHE.

I finished the day with some colouring in and a story.

Overall it was a successful day and I felt I had achieved at being a teacher for the day. It was useful for the children to see me as another teacher, not another TA.

I will continue to welcome the opportunity to teach independently, it provided me with opportunities to explore different strategies and ideas.

I would explore structuring the day with more technology intervention, I delivered the same guided reading intervention to five groups, which did become tiresome and towards the end. I’m keen to explore more interactive ways on how guided reading could be delivered in year 1.

The PSHE session was fairly long and the children became irritable towards the end. I’m keen to explore different ways in which to deliver PSHE sessions to make the session more engaging and fun..

Focused next steps:

  • Further explore the use of technology and or other interventions to combat irritability and boredom with KS1, Year 1 children.
  • Observe KS1 teachers in the school to gain further phase experience.
  • Continue to research and apply behaviour strategies.