S4 & S7: Second School

Description: On Thursday 11th January, I taught whole class Literacy for the first time at my second school placement.
I planned this lesson myself, a copy of my lesson plan can be seen in the Lesson Plan folder on the portal.

(Standard 4 – Contribute to the design and provision of an engaging curriculum within the relevant subject area(s)).

Feelings: Although I had been at my second school before Christmas, it was a busy time for my mentor and new class as they would be relocating from an old mobile to a brand new classroom in January. Despite this I have really tried to get to know the children in this first week back after the Christmas holidays. Something which my mentor says I have done well, as mentioned in my lesson observation from this week.

I felt nervous about pitching my lesson at the right level for Year 4, I think I achieved this well. My mentor was impressed with how and what I had taught and the children seemed to enjoy it. At the start of the lesson I was feeling very nervous as not only was this my first whole class teaching session at my second school but it was my first observation from my new mentor too. As the lesson went on I started to relax and gain more and more confidence.

Evaluation: I loved my first whole class experience at my second school, it has given me lots of confidence to teach more and I am eager to deliver my next session.

There were minor behaviour issues during my lesson, mainly chattiness. I implemented the school’s behaviour policy well, (Standard 7 – Manage behaviour effectively to ensure a good and safe learning environment) this is something my mentor picked up on and commented on in my feedback from the lesson form. This can be seen in the weekly meeting/ lesson observation 11.01.18.

The children achieved what was expected of them, however I did underestimate their understanding of one of the words on the worksheet I had made. This proved to be a barrier to their learning although only a minor one. I had the confidence to stop the class and go through what it meant. Which then enabled the children to carry on and be successful in their work. Evidence of this can be seen in my lesson plan evaluation. Overall I think the children were fully engaged in the activity, this shows in the work that was produced. I timed the lesson just right, this illustrates to me that my input as the teacher was well explained and pitched at the right level. (Standard 4 – Impart knowledge and develop understanding through effective use of lesson time).

Analysis: I taught the lesson confidently and I had asked the TA to work and support a small group of children.
The behavior issues were minor and I hope to keep reinforcing the school’s behavior policy if and when needed. (Standard 7 – Manage behaviour effectively to ensure a good and safe learning environment)

This lesson was a true insight as to what whole class teaching with Year 4 will be like and the types of classroom management I may be faced with in the future.

Conclusion: Next time I will be sure that I fully understand the children’s understanding of what is being asked of them before planning the lesson and during the lesson. I will try to model and go through the activity fully before setting the children off on their tasks.

Action Plan: If I were to teach this lesson again, I would go through each section of the worksheet before giving it out to the children.

In my planning I need to have a look at the Year 4 objectives and make sure what it is I am teaching is accessible to the children.

Although, I am still trying to understand the capabilities of each child, I intend on looking through class data with my mentor so that I can plan effectively for the whole class and individuals. (Standard 4 – Reflect systematically on the effectiveness of lessons and approaches to teaching).

Focused next steps:

  • To continue to use the school behaviour system if and when needed
  • To look at class data in order to help me plan effectively
  • To look at Year 4 objectives in order to help me plan effectively