Training to teach with EOE Teacher Training

Growing up, I had a few career aspirations that came and went, but teaching was the one that stuck. I’ve looked up to great teachers and know first-hand the impact that they can have.

I moved from Norfolk to Lincolnshire to study Law at University, and fairly swiftly knew that I didn’t want a career in the legal field. In my final year, I began looking for teacher training providers. EoETT was one that jumped out to me, and after reading through glowing reviews and attending a really enjoyable interview, it was clear to me that these were the people I wanted to support and guide me to become a teacher. I’m so happy that I made this decision, as five weeks into the course, the support and encouragement has been incredible.

It is true that the workload is tough and adapting to life as a trainee teacher is hard, but there is so much structure and reassurance from EoETT that these new challenges are manageable and enjoyable. Training each week is delivered by a variety of extremely knowledgeable people, and the resources found within the online portal are so helpful when researching and planning. The attention to detail that has clearly been put into the design of the course is so evident, and I feel secure in knowing exactly what is expected of me, and how I can become the best teacher I can be. I have met some incredible people also training to teach through EoETT, whose support and friendship is inspiring.

I feel welcome and encouraged within my training school, and the support from my mentor is invaluable and unwavering. Feedback is personalised and honest; I know what I’m doing well and what I need to add or develop within my teaching  in order to improve. I know I can talk to my mentor about my own reflections of how I’m doing and what guidance I need.

I look forward to continuing to learn how to be a great teacher, and to play a key part in shaping the lives of the children I have the pleasure of teaching.

– Maddy