University Leaver – “My time on the course so far”

What can I say about joining EoETT? Do it!

There hasn’t been a time in my life yet, that I haven’t been studying. But nothing has felt more relaxed and secure about my teaching experience than right now (and I have only been on the course 3 months!)

Everything is provided in order to support your own individual journey such as: vital training days, placements in different settings and having a supportive mentor by your side.

I feel so lucky and appreciative that I have been able to receive such amazing support from my mentor, which is such a vital part of my journey. I have been able to observe her lessons and model her ideas throughout my teaching journey.

I have such a great relationship with my mentor which has benefited me from the start. I am such a self critical person; but she is able to provide me with an overwhelming amount of positives, which give me such a confident boost. As well as, being able to let me know any details that could help me improve. 

My experience really wouldn’t be the same without my mentor providing support during my lessons; which will overall benefit my teaching performance.

– Millie, current trainee (2019-20)